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I'm David Longoria, and I am asking Harris County voters to elect me Judge of the 314th Family (Juvenile) District Court.


I am currently presiding as the Associate Judge of the IV-D Child  Support Court #4 of Harris County, Texas.  I was appointed to this position in January, 2005, and have worked diligently to maintain the integrity of our judicial system while championing the rights of all litigants who have come before me.


I have been a full-time Associate Judge for over 16 years including 11years in two Harris County Juvenile Courts and 5 years in a child support court.  At various times during my tenure, I have presided over cases involving juvenile delinquents, abused and neglected children, adoptions, paternities, and child support.


Prior to my appointment as a full-time Associate Judge in these courts, I practiced law for over 18 years and have a unique understanding of the workings and complexities of the Harris County Court System.  This experience coupled with my tenacity and undying dedication to protect the rights of children makes me ultimately suited to be the Judge of the 314th Family (Juvenile) Court.


Handling cases as an attorney and hearing cases as an Associate Judge have given me a 360 degree perspective to view cases from both sides of the bench.  I am passionate and grateful as both an attorney and jurist, knowing that I can, and do make a difference in the lives of Harris County children.


I felt most fulfilled as an Associate Judge when I presided over, and granted hundreds of adoptions where children had been removed from abusive homes and moved into loving and safe environments.  I also felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride in  contributing to the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents after their appearance in my court.


I plan to meet the current challenges faced by these Juvenile District courts with integrity, perseverance, and honor.  When elected Judge of the 314th Family (Juvenile) District Court, I will devote all of my energy to improving the outcome of all cases before me, and will continue to strictly follow the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.  My decisions will be based on my many years of experience and unimpeachable record within the Harris County court system, assuring that everyone who comes before me receives a fair hearing.

What's more, I plan to reach out to the community and school systems to help stem the tide of Juvenile crime and child abuse in Harris County.


A vote for David Longoria, is a vote for Integrity, Experience, and Honor.